Chillaxin’ With Emily

Tonight I took some time out of my busy day to just chill with my 13 year old daughter. We are in the middle of moving from one house to another, I’m trying to get my business going, going crazy keeping up with my husband’s schedule and the kid’s schedule, trying to talk to the insurance company about my accident last week, making doctor’s appointments…ugh! I’ve just had enough of it all! My daughter Emily is an amazing young person. She loves art, her friends, her family…life in general. She is still young and naive enough to be able to find the good in everything she sees. She is the kid that volunteers to paint boxes for recycling programs at school or tutor her younger brothers and sisters when their math homework is just a little too hard. She’ll do the dishes for me, but only if I let her listen to my iPod while she’s working. I love my daughter. She is one of the best friends I’ve ever had.

Tonight I went into Emily’s room to remind her once again that the cat box needed some attention, and before I knew it we were sitting on the floor making fun of the latest rock star’s names and giggling about the silly things her girlfriends said at lunch today. She shared some of her artwork with me as well as the stories behind each piece. I also now know who has a crush on who and that Tyler is definately NOT her type. At 13 she already has a “type”. She cracks me up. I know that she never wants to wear make-up or get her ears pierced. I know that one day my beautiful girl will grow up and run her own art gallery and teach art classes to young people in a classroom in the back of her studio. I know that she loves Star Wars almost as much as she loves sweets. And I also know that she thinks her mom is pretty cool…on that I would have to tend to agree.

When I got done goofing around with Emily I helped her with her last few math problems and then it was off to the kitchen to finish up the dishes. As I write this post my eyes are welling up with tears. I wish every mother could share these moments with their daughters because too soon our girls grow up and they are off on their own ready to conquer the world. I so treasure these times with Emily, as I will treasure special times with the rest of my children as they come. Each day I share in their lives is a gift; each moment a blessing…and I am so happy to know my kids as well as I do and have a close, bonding relationship with each and every one of them. The picture above was our first mother/daughter 5K…it was called “Pink Up The Pace”…a popular 5K for breast cancer here in St. Augustine. We had so much fun! As we were approaching the finish line I told Emily if she wanted to sprint to the end and finish strong I’d be right behind her. She looked at me and said “No, I wanna cross the line with you.” Those words meant the world to me…and always will. One day I hope Emily will look back on these special moments and treasure them as much as I do…and pass on the tradition of just chillaxin’ with mom to her girls.

2 thoughts on “Chillaxin’ With Emily

  1. Holly Steen

    Hey Teresa,
    What a wonderful story!!!!!!!!! Tha t is so inspiring and precious. his makes me think of my boys and how fun and loving they are and aI would be lost without them. You are so right when you said how each moment is a blessing!! So true and well said. Hope you have many, many, many more of those times.
    Thanks Holly

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