Crazy Little Thing Called Life

I’ve wanted to get on here and write for the longest time, but as with most things in my life…life seems to get in the way of my best laid plans. I decided to make the most of my 45 minutes spent in the parent pick-up line at my kid’s school and get some writing done…so here goes.

 A few years ago, ok it’s more like 18 but who’s counting, I graduated from theUniversityofToledowith a diploma in my hand and a dream. That dream was to one day eventually become either a physical therapist or go into emergency medicine…neither of which happened. Instead I married my college sweetheart the summer before my Senior year and after graduation God decided this would be a good time for us to expand our family. Unfortunately, after we moved to our first duty station atFort Rucker,ALI ended up miscarrying our first child. My doctor ensured me that it was common for young women to miscarry their first pregnancy and that there was nothing stopping us from trying again right away…actually he insisted we try again right away…and so we did and there began the wild ride we’ve been on for the last 14+ years.

 I never thought about my career dreams once our daughter Emily was born. I never felt like I was missing out on something because I didn’t have a professional career outside the home. I was content being a mom and caring for my family. Somehow the magic of having this little life to care for superseded my dreams of going into physical therapy or emergency medicine. My world…my priorities had changed. God had given me a new trail to blaze, and blaze I did! 7 children and a lifetime of noteworthy events that could fill volumes later, my life is taking yet another turn. Time again to take a step back and reevaluate that ever-burning question in my mind: “What does God expect of me?”

 I wonder every day if I’m doing what God has truly intended for me to do in this life. I pray that I’m on the right track, but at the same time I realize that we’re all human and sometimes even with the best of intentions can be lead astray. Even though my life had changed when I had my children, my passion for healthy living and helping others was always alive and well in my heart…I just had to push it aside for the time being. The kids needed me more, my husband’s career demanded that I be more attentive to things at home than things I wanted to pursue personally. And then the day came when we decided to give up homeschooling and give public school a shot. And oh, what a day that was indeed!

 For 8 years I homeschooled our children. I spent every waking moment with these precious little beings. They were my best friends…and some days my arch rivals…but I came to depend on their presence and their unconditional love to see me through every day. I can tell you now, the day I put my children on that big yellow monster and watched them ride away into “the real world” was one of the loneliest days of my life. My entire world just got on a bus and drove away to spend the day with strangers! What kind of mother was I to abandon them like that? How could these strangers possibly love my children as much as I do? That day, my son Nathan came home from Kindergarten so excited to meet his new teacher and play with his friends at school. He pulled out his “go home” folder and handed me a poem. I can’t tell you exactly how the poem goes, but it spoke about how a teacher thinks of their students as their own children and at the end there was a line that went something like…”remember, we are mom’s and dad’s too!”  I cried. Sobbed is more like it. I had never thought about that! These weren’t strangers…they were mom’s and dad’s too! An incredible weight was lifted from me that day…thank you Mrs. Pellicer!

 After a week of crying every day after the kids left, I decided it was time to put on my big girl panties and do something with all of my new-found free time. My husband suggested I get a job, so job hunting I went. Let me tell you, when you have 7 kids and a husband in the military there isn’t an employer within the tristate area that is going to touch you with a 10 foot pole! Working outside the home wasn’t an option for me, so I decided I’d work at home. To make a very, very long story short, I opened my own virtual assisting business. With the help of my friend and mentor (and a lot of self-teaching) I had my first couple of clients in a matter of months! By the grace of God my business has continued to grow and I am now able to stay home and earn a decent income doing what I love for people I adore! How cool is that? But wait…it gets better!

 Not only did I need to work, I needed to get back in shape. I’m not sure exactly what shape you’d say I was in…probably somewhere between an oval and a trapezoid maybe. It was bad. My friend Kristi (who is disgustingly beautiful by the way…hate her for that! LOL!) introduced me to a company called AdvoCare. I did the 24 Day Challenge…lost 15 pounds and felt amazing! I stayed on the products and Kristi says “Now…wanna find out how you can earn a paycheck AND get a discount on your products?” Um yes please! I signed on as a distributor, sold my way to Advisor and have been building my business ever since.

 Now here’s the really cool part. Stick with me. Every day I get to help people become healthier. I get to talk to people and ask, “What are your goals? Where would you like to be in say a month from now?” and know that I have a solution that can help them. I know that my friends who are struggling with weight issues or energy issues or financial issues don’t have to go through those struggles alone because now I have the tools to help them…AND THAT FEELS AMAZING! Every day I get to help people become healthier…wait, isn’t that what I started out wanting to do almost 20 years ago? Why yes it is! My life, I feel, has come full-circle. Not in the way I wanted but in the way God saw fit for me to have it. In His time…not mine. I am blessed every day to see how many different ways God works in my life, and this is just the next chapter. I’m grateful…for every single bit of it!

 I believe life is nothing more than a series of choices. Everything we do in life is a choice…when we get up in the morning, whether we work out or not, what we eat and drink, whether we educate ourselves or not, what job we pursue, what we wear to the grocery store…from the most trivial to the most important things in our lives, everything stems from a single choice. Gosh, that concept overwhelms me. If we take the time to slow down a bit and see life choice by choice…to really give thought to our words and actions…my oh my what a wonderful world this would be! That’s my new goal…care to join me?  😀


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