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Cupcakes Anyone?

Snack-size cupcakes filled with chocolate frosting

Ok, so I’m trying to come up with something dessert-ish for the kid’s lunches the other day and I thought about making cupcakes! The only problem with cupcakes in lunches is if you put the frosting on the top it will be a horrible mess by the time they get to lunch…not to mention the fact that there is practically no way to wrap a cupcake to even put it in a lunchbox in the first place. (Note to self, Self…invent a cupcake box similar to the neat sandwich ones they have at Wal-Mart!) Well, until I get to inventing the cupcake box I will simply do what I did the other day…put the frosting on the INSIDE of the cupcake! It was so simple and fun…let me show you how!

First, I decided that one huge cupcake might be a bit much for the kid’s lunches…especially given that they only have 30 minutes to eat. I decided to use my mini-muffin pans instead and the kids loved eating the tiny snack-size cupcakes! After baking and cooling the cupcakes, I took a pastry bag with a Wilton #18 tip (any tip with a medium hole at the end will work) and filled it with chocolate frosting. I carefully inserted the tip into the bottom of the cupcake and squeezed on the bag gently while slowly pulling the tip out of the cupcake, allowing space for the frosting to fill in the inside of the cupcake.

Here I am filling the cupcakes from the bottom with a pastry bag full of chocolate frosting

And that’s it! Can you believe it? In no time at all I had these super cute and yummy treats for my kids to take to school…and it was so stinkin’ easy too! I can’t wait to experiment with different types of cake mixes and frosting combinations. Let me know if you try this and what types of combinations you chose! These are sure to become a lunchbox staple for sure! And they’re great for picnics and traveling too! I can’t keep them in the house for very long.

This is what your finished cupcakes will look like inside! YUM!!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Happy Cupcaking everyone!


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