Friendship…The Ultimate Simple Gift


We can all learn a lesson from Pooh and Christopher Robin.


FRIENDS…..A simple enough concept and yet complex just the same.  Shall I explain?

Ya see, I”ve had lots of friends in my life time. Friends that come, friends that go, friends that take and friends that give. I have had best friends break my heart and I even have a best friend from grade school who still to this day, almost 30 years after we first met, is still the first person I tell almost everything to! Almost! Ha!  I got on Facebook a few years ago and just recently was able to reconnect with my best friend from Kindergarten!  That meant the world to me.  I have new friends and old friends and friends  never even knew were friends!  I have friends that are really friends of my brother”s who passed away 16 years ago. I think they are my friends because when they are connected to me they feel connected to him…and I”m okay with that because I can totally understand that.  I still consider them my friends.  I have friends I”ve never met but would love nothing more than to have that opportunity…preferably at a Starbucks with nothing but time on our hands.  I have friends from work, friends from school, friends from my kid”s school, friends that are only my friends because our kids are friends.  That sentence used the word “friends” entirely too many times.

You get the picture. In this day and age of new fan dangled social media everything, everyone and anyone becomes a “friend”. The word “friend” is used very casually and for some en ligne casino france has seemed to have lost it”s value…it”s sense of treasure in our lives.  I mean come on, when you”ve got over 300 “friends” can they all really be friends?  I say yes they can…and here”s why.

Every “friend” or connection becomes like a branch on a tree.  Even though you may not see it at the time, that particular person is brought into your life for a purpose. For some it”s simply because you are connected to others and so you then become connected yourselves.  For others though, bonds are created that become unbreakable and become a vital part of who you become as a person.  I have many friends on Facebook whom I”ve never met but have become wonderfully acquainted with because of our commonalities.  I have gained such strength from many of these people. Many times it is they, and not family or close friends I”ve known for years who come through for me in my darkest hours.  You see, they are there for a purpose.  These beautiful people have so much to give, all of us do to one another.  Some days we”re givers…some days we”re takers.  The best we can hope for is for it all to even out in the end, right?

I hope that when I leave this world the mark that I have left upon it will be a lasting one full of hope and love and joy and above all, friendship.  I raise my children to value the friendships between them because there just may come a day when all they have is each other…and I am so very blessed to have loving children who will gladly share their bubbles and sidewalk chalk with any child whose Mommy says they can play with them.  You may think you are insignificant in certain people”s lives. You may think that just because you haven”t kept in touch with someone or haven”t talked to them at length since high school that you have nothing in common with them and therefore aren”t “friends” anymore. I”m here to tell you there is no such thing as an insignificant relationship.  We are all people of worth and value to someone in this world and we must remember that when dealing with others.

The word friend has many meanings.  My absolute favorite kind of friend is the one that I can go days, weeks, months, even years without really connecting with and when we are given the opportunity to catch up pick up right where we left off like not more than minutes have elapsed.  I love that.  And that is a gift…the simple gift of friendship.  So whether it”s your best friend from grade school or someone you just met, treasure your relationships with people.  You”ll be so glad you did!

P.S. I mentioned a lot of my friends in this post but none of them by name. This is for a reason…simply because they know who they are. So if you”re reading this and you feel a little pang in your gut and you say to yourself “Hey Self, she”s talking about us!”…yes, I most certainly am…and thank you so much for blessing my life with your friendship. It means more to me than you will ever know.

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