I’m Quitting: Time for Change

A few weeks ago, I got completely fed up with everything. I had had enough of all of the things in my life that were frustrating me. I told myself that life was just too hard right now. I told myself that I couldn’t do anymore. I told myself that my life was just too much and I needed to just run away for a while. I told myself I’m quitting everything. I give up. I’m done.

I told myself a lot of things.

And then “myself” started talking back. Ya wanna know what she said?

She said, “Stop whining and complaining. You’re a grown woman with 7 children, for Pete’s sake. This…this “life stuff” that you are struggling with right now is nothing compared to what you’ve been through. This…this is the easy stuff. Now get off your whiny ass and do something about the things you don’t like. Make changes, not excuses.”

Ok, so maybe there wasn’t exactly a little voice in my head saying these things, but about midway through my self-induced pity party, I realized that life doesn’t have to be this way. I don’t have to struggle, I choose to struggle by not actively changing the things that are causing me overwhelm.

Wait, didn’t I write a blog post on overwhelm? Maybe I need to go back and read my own stuff.

Anyway, so I took my own advice and sat down and made a list. It was called “Crap That is Driving Me Nuts”…or something like that. On that list, I wrote down all of the things that were causing me stress, things I could control, things I was choosing. Next to those things, I made a list with 2 things I could do to actively change the items on the list. Immediately, I felt relief. I had a plan. I was beginning to master my overwhelm rather than it mastering me. Little by little my life was becoming more manageable…maybe even a little more enjoyable.

For the sake of time, I’m just going to highlight the biggest change I am making right now. That is my weight and overall health and well-being. The hard-core truth of the matter is I was just not taking very good care of myself. Wanna hear the worst part? I have a degree in Exercise Science and Health Fitness Instruction. I am an AdvoCare distributor as well. That means I have all of the tools I need to lead a healthy, fit, active life…and I was choosing not to use them. What’s worse, I was making excuses. Not enough time, not enough money…blah, blah, blah. We’ve all done it. But now it was time for a change.

I took a weekend and got my shit together. I joined Planet Fitness here in town and I purchased a 24 Day Challenge from my AdvoCare site. I cleaned up my eating and made a menu and grocery list. Then I loaded the house up with “the good stuff”. I started logging my food on My Fitness Pal again and tracking my activity on an app on my phone. I became more mindful of what I was putting into my body and how I was spending my time. My goal is to lose 2 pounds a week until I reach my goal weight. Last week I lost 3. Not too shabby!

I am feeling better about my choices. I am sore as heck, but that’s what happens when you keep having to start over with your workout routine. This change is not about being skinny or dieting; for me, it’s a lifestyle change. I don’t want to feel unhealthy or overwhelmed anymore, and I have everything I need to relieve myself of those burdens. Now it’s time to do the work.

I will be posting here from time to time on my progress. This is going to be one amazing journey. If you would like to join me in my 24 Day Challenge, feel free to visit my AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge link where you can read about the challenge and contact me if you have any questions. I’m going to be starting my challenge on October 1st, so if you’d like to join me please contact me in advance so we can make sure you have everything you need.

So when I thought about quitting, I never realized that what I really needed to quit was quitting itself. Quitting never gets anyone anywhere. It’s time to pick myself back up and get on that horse and own this thing called life.

Who’s with me?



2 thoughts on “I’m Quitting: Time for Change

    1. Teresa Warner Post author

      Oh Marti, I am so happy for you!!! This is going to be incredible. I have a bunch of other blog posts along these lines that will be coming soon. It’s a journey, right? I am so glad we’re on it together!

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