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I’ve been a huge Eckhart Tolle fan for a while now. Anyone who is familiar with his work knows how much he stresses the fact that we are not guaranteed anything in this life except the present moment. To fully live life to it’s fullest we mustn’t look too far into the future nor dwell in the past, but live in the moment. We need to be aware of what is around us right now…the smells, the sounds, the people…all of it! When we’re able to do that life is so much fuller! I try very hard to adhere to this principle. Sometimes it works, sometimes…well, not so much.

Yesterday I was at the doctor’s office. I was being seen for a back injury I sustained after being hit from behind at a stop light in town. On the television Sanjay Gupta was doing an interview with Michael J. Fox. Fox was talking about his life, his career, but mostly about his battle with Parkinson’s Disease. While I’m not in agreement with Michael J. Fox’s views on many things, I do admire his attitude when he talks about his struggle to simply function on a daily basis with Parkinson’s. I’ve seen him speak many times on the subject, but yesterday he said something that really stuck with me…and I wanted to share it with you.

He said (and I’m paraphrasing here) “All we have for sure is this moment. If we assume the worst will happen and it doesn’t, then we’ve wasted time. If we assume the worst will happen and it does, then we’ve lived it twice.” What an amazing thought. Even with all of my Tolle reading I never quite thought about it that way.

Live for today…this moment right now. Savor everything you have been given, the good and the bad, because it’s all given to us for a reason. Don’t lose the present moment to the past or to the future we all take for granted we’re going to have. Be present….it’s the best gift you can give yourself!

6 thoughts on “Live In The Moment

    1. Teresa Post author

      Oh yeah, BIG Tolle fan! I enjoy Deepak Choppra as well. I have an easier time understanding Choppra but I truly enjoy both of them!

  1. Karen :)

    thanks for the inspiration. Today it took me 6 hours to do what should have taken me 1 to 1 1/2 hours because of “little interuptions”. But the happiness on the little faces bouncing in the bounce house or being told they could dig in my flower bed (I haven’t planted for the season yet) or the handing out of ice pops to fixing the broken croc or the chatting with a neighbor or playing with my nephew’s dog who was taking him for a walk, all just made dinner later. Everyone outside today was definately living in the moment and totally enjoying this AWESOME day!!

    1. Teresa Post author

      I love days like that Karen! Aren’t they the best? When you just let the little irritations of life fall by the wayside and enjoy the simple pleasures we’re given! What a difference it makes!

  2. Survivormom

    Hey Tess, if you want to read on this subject, take a look at Jean-Pierre De Caussade’s books…he was a French Priest in the 1700’s who wrote on this very same subject from a Catholic perspective. Good spiritual reading.

    Abandonment to Divine Providence

    The Sacrament of the Present Moment

    “In this superb new translation of the celebrated spiritual classic of wisdom, hope, and inspiration, Jean-Pierre de Caussade offers guidance for daily living in communion with God. This exemplary devotional work summons readers to holiness, reveals ways to conquer self-love and pride, and points the way for experiencing each moment as a sacrament.” (

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