My Rainbow Connection

Look closely...there is a rainbow running horizontally through these clouds! Amazing!

I shouldn’t be writing a blog post right now. Right now the “responsible adult voice” in my head is saying…”Shouldn’t you be working on those press releases? Is the household budget balanced yet? What about those costumes for the school musical you need to finish by Monday?” It’s at times like these I tell that voice to shut up! Sometimes I just need to write…this is one of those times.

So for those of you who know me personally, you know my life as of late has been…well, hectic to say the least. Yesterday I’m on my way back from Wal-Mart when it all came to a head and I had just had enough. I broke down crying in my truck, sobbing really, for no apparent reason. There was no song on the radio that made me think of something sad, no really sad event in my life that would cause such an outburst. Nope, just hormones I guess and a lack of sleep. Well, anyway as I’m crying I start to pray. I pray for God to take away some of the burden on me right now…just a little bit because I know there are a lot of people out there with burdens much heavier than mine…but if He could just help me just one teeny tiny little bit I would appreciate it so much. After I get done praying, I compose myself because I realize that people passing me on the road are looking at me funny and then there it is. Up in the sky I see the most awesome rainbow I have seen in quite some time. But this was no ordinary rainbow…this rainbow was running horizontally through the sky! I have never seen that before! (All of you science junkies out there that have a reasonable explanation for this phenomena please refrain from posting them. I’d kinda like to just enjoy this for a second or two. Thanks.) My help that I asked for didn’t come in the form of a check from Publisher’s Clearning House. It wasn’t some big huge TA-DA event. It was a simple rainbow…a sign of God’s hope in our lives. A sign of His promise that no matter how bad the “flood” in our life is He will always be there with us. And that was all I needed. My friend Donna put it best. She said “How wonderful that it was not only there for you, but that you were there for it, too!” I had never thought of it that way. That post made me cry again, but in a good way! Thank you Donna!

Take some time today to just be. I don’t care if you have a million things to do or if this person needs this or that person needs that…take some time to just sit peacefully and be still. Take in a few moments of your life just for yourself to appreciate the wonder of it all. It is more rejuvinating and intoxicating than anything imaginable. Most importantly, don’t forget to ask for help. I suck at this. It takes me breaking down like I did to ask for help, but everyone needs help from time to time and God really doesn’t mind you asking. He loves it! He treasures the opportunity to be with you through your troubled times. Take advantage of that. It’s a rare thing to truly have someone there for you whenever you need them! And He always is…all you have to do is ask. Have a blessed day, y’all!

2 thoughts on “My Rainbow Connection

  1. Chris Kearney

    T, what a great recognition of god working the way he does. I followed your advice and the dog and I went into the woods, found a nice mossy spot overlooking the river and I chilled while she ran around chasing chipmunks. After a few minutes of silence, I felt a peaceful calm and realized I was “owning it”. The woods, the view, all the sights and sounds, my life. It gave me back a little power I thought I had lost just sitting in the stillness. Thanks you for the reminder.

    1. Teresa Post author

      Oh Christian GOOD FOR YOU!!! I do have to say though, I am incredibly jealous! And what did you end up naming that dog anyway? :0) I love times like that! They just keep us grounded and help us refocus our lives on the truly important things. You can’t go wrong doing that! It’s all put here for us, we are the ones passing it by! Stupid humans! LOL! I hope you are able to take more walks in the woods…it’s good for heart and soul! Hugs, my dear friend!

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