Quick One-Question Health and Wellness Survey

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Hey everyone! I am interested in what YOU have to say! If you would be so kind as to spend about 5 seconds taking my quick, one question survey concerning health and wellness options in your life, I would greatly appreciate your efforts. All responses are kept private, and if you would like to add additional comments concerning the question asked, please feel free to leave your comments with this blog post. The more responses I can get the better, so if you could also share this link with your friends and family through social media that would be wonderful!

Thanks so much in advance for your time.

2 thoughts on “Quick One-Question Health and Wellness Survey

  1. Tabatha

    I do have a gym membership that I pay for monthly but if my job paid for it or even gave me it discount it would help I think that if employers did pay it would help greatly to bring down the cost of employees seeing their physicians & help with high blood pressure diabetes & weight loss

    1. Teresa Warner Post author

      That’s awesome Tabatha! I completely agree. Keep an eye out for my upcoming blog post concerning this very topic! Lots of great information coming your way. Thanks so much for your input. It’s great to hear what my readers think.

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