The Heart of Americans

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The Heart of Americans
by Teresa Lueders Warner on Friday, February 20, 2009 at 3:15pm.

I”ve wanted to write about this for some time and share my experiences, but kept putting it off because, well, I seriously have other things I really should be doing. Just a few minutes ago I got a moving note from a friend of mine along the same lines and it inspired me to take a few minutes to jot this down and share it with y”all. Enjoy.

We frequently take the children out to lunch or dinner. It”s our way of having somewhat of a “date night” and giving the kids a special treat as well. A few times the kids and I have just met Tom somewhere for lunch, him coming from work he was of course in his uniform. Recently we were having lunch at a BBQ place here in town called Sonny”s…all you southerners know there”s a Sonny”s on just about every street corner…heck, there”s even one in “Over the Hedge”…yep, same Sonny”s. Anywho, we”re sitting there at our two tables they had to push together so there”d be room for all of us eating our lunch while everyone stared at us…a common occurance, doesn”t phase us anymore. We actually make fun of the gawkers, a little inside joke between me and Tom. When it came time to pay the bill the waitress came over with a big smile on her face. She said that an elderly couple wanted her to tell us thank you for Tom”s service and that we had the most well mannered, beautiful children. Then she proceeded to tell us the couple had paid for our lunch that day.

About 2 weeks later, same senario…the kids and I had met Tom at Steak and Shake for lunch. Those of you who have ever eaten there know it”s a 50″s style joint with a bar type place up front. I noticed a young man, a little older than me, sitting at the bar…gawking (big surprise) and just wrote him off as “one of them”. Tom again met us there on his lunch break, so he again was in uniform. The kids sat there coloring their menues wearing their paper hats waiting for their lunch quietly. We ate, and once again asked for the bill. Instead of the bill cassino online we got a napkin. On it was written “Please accept my modest gift for your and your family”s sacrifice and service. -Kemper” Once again our bill was paid.

This has happened to us countless times…more than 5, less than 10…usually by elderly people remembering their childrearing years or their time in the service. Each time it moves me to tears; to know there are people out there who appreciate what our family does for our country enough to show their gratitude. We”ve even had people come up and shake Tom”s hand, almost in tears, thanking him over and over for serving.

If you see a service member or know of someone in the service, please take the time to thank them for what they do. You don”t have to go so far as to buy their family dinner like the people I told you about, but just a simple “Thank you” means so much to them…and their families. So many times soldiers feel unappreciated; especially ones serving overseas. When the war first started everyone and their brother was sending stuff over there…now, not so much…and they feel forgotten. If you want to send a card to someone overseas, let me know. We know of pleanty of people over there now. Or better yet, you could send a card or some of your children”s color pages to an injured soldier coming back from the war. They love things like that…they mean so much to them and they keep them forever. For some of them that will be the only mail they will get over there.

There”s a saying I love (and I need to add this to my FB quotes soon). It goes “If you can read this, thank a teacher. If you can read this in English, thank a soldier.” You read this in English…now go thank a soldier! :0)

2 thoughts on “The Heart of Americans

  1. LissaNY

    Hey Momma!
    This is a great post! Really made me smile. We have thought about sending things to the soldiers, but we couldn’t imagine that they would want drawings and notes from strangers. I have a constant artist who loves to make more than we have room for and she would love it if someone could appreciate it. If you think this is what folks overseas would like, send me an address!

    1. Teresa Post author

      Melissa I know tons of soldiers who would love pics from your kids! It makes them feel wonderful to know that people are thinking of them! They also appreciate letters from the kids as well. I know yours are still pretty young, but if they would want to write what they can and send it along with their pics that would be awesome! I can get you some addresses to send items to. We know plenty of soldiers overseas right now! Thanks so much!!

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