The Ultimate Breakfast Burrito

The Ultimate Breakfast Burrito!

Who doesn’t love breakfast? Our house is like IHOP…you are likely to see breakfast for breakfast or even some nights breakfast for dinner! These breakfast burritos are my husband’s favorites! There are about a million twists on this basic recipe, but this is the one we like best. I also sometimes use diced ham in place of the bacon. You can really just throw these together with whatever you have on-hand! Here’s how I made these particular ones…

Frozen hash browns (Any kind will do, but I prefer the shredded ones…they wrap better)
Tortillas (Any size, I use the 6-inch ones)
Shredded cheese (I use fiesta blend but you can use your favorite!)

First, cook your favorite hash browns according to the package directions. Next, get the bacon cooking. Our family eats 2 pounds of bacon for one meal when I make these. Aren’t you glad you’re not feeding my kids! I allow 2 slices of bacon per burrito. While the bacon and hash browns are cooking, get your eggs scrambled. Whew, stop for a moment (make sure the eggs aren’t burning though) take a big swig of coffee or juice…ahhhh, now we’re ready for Phase Two: Assembly.

It helps to warm the tortillas in the microwave for just a few seconds so they don’t tear when you’re trying to wrap them. Spread the mayo on the warm tortilla and add a spoonful of hashbrowns, eggs, and 2 slices of bacon. Sprinkle with cheese and wrap tightly. Let the burrito sit for just a few seconds so the cheese melts. You could even throw it in the microwave for just a bit if you’d like. Relax and enjoy…you worked hard! I hope these become your family’s favorite too!

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