This Is How I Do It

The Warner Family, Easter 2011

Right now I”m exhausted. I have been working my VA job from my home office all day while thinking about how I am going to get the costumes made for my daughter”s Jungle Book performance in a few weeks. I”m talking costumes for the whole chorus…monkeys, elephants, bees, Kaa girls, Mowgli…the whole gang! My husband is currently out of town (those of you who know where he is will get a good chuckle at that last comment) and well, I”m pooped. 7 kids and all that other stuff to boot is just kicking me square in the hiney booney.

Often times, usually when I”m struggling to grocery shop and hold 5 different conversations with 7 different little people, people come up and ask me “How do you do it?” I still to this day do not have an answer to that question. I pray a lot. Mostly I pray that no one will get hurt so I don”t have to spend 3 hours in the ER with the other 6. I pray that nothing breaks when my husband is away because well, that just sucks. I pray that I will get at least enough sleep to be able to function normally the next day and not have the neighbors wondering if I”m ill. And by the grace of God I online casino money make it to the next day. Every day is like that. I pray from 5:30 am to 8:30 pm that we can just make it through another day without incident. And by the grace of God most days we do. What I am finding is that it is during these times…these no sleep, eat whatever crap you can find, try to maintain your sanity kind of days…that I am forced to dig deep and become someone that I would otherwise never have to become. I have to be Mom AND Dad, cook and maid, VA and taxi driver…the list goes on, I”ll stop here. You get the picture. And while I”m going through it all I of course can think of nothing else other than how nice a relaxing vacay in the Bahamas would be right now. When these times end (and thankfully they do!) I look back and think “Huh, that wasn”t so bad now was it?” Yes, it was. But I love the way God makes the crappy things go away…like when you have a baby within a few months you forget how hard the labor was and your main focus is on the gift that came from the sacrifice. What an awesome lesson.

So as I sit here tonight half asleep writing this blog entry more out of guilt that I have neglected blogging for so long than the fact that I actually had something interesting and meaningful to say, I am looking forward to the day 34 very long days from now when I can look back on this chapter of my life and say “Huh, that wasn”t so bad now was it?” And ya know why? Because I know that when that day comes I will be a much stronger woman than I am today. And THAT is something to look forward to. As Garth Brooks says, “Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers.” The easy way ain”t always the best way. And one way or another I”ll make it through another day. I guess THAT is how I do it. :0)

2 thoughts on “This Is How I Do It

  1. Sara Warner

    Your such an amazing person, mom…and dad…lol! 🙂 I just wanted to let you know how awesome and strong of a person you are! Love you!

    1. Teresa Post author

      Thanks Sara! Some days are better than others but they’re all meant for something, right? Love you too!

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