Why Bad Things Happen To Good People

I”ve got it! I”ve got the answer to the question that we all ask ourselves when the shit hits the fan. You know what I”m talking about…those days when it seems like nothing you do is ever right, when you”re convinced the entire world is conspiring against you in order for you to finally be able to enter your name in the Guiness Book of World Records…only it”s for having the worst day ever. THAT day! Maybe for some of you THAT day is today…if it is, you”re in luck. Read on…

If you know me, you know at times I can be a pretty deep thinker. You also know at other times you look at me and think people should have a license to raise children. LOL! In any event today is one of my deep thinking days so stay with me here. You”ll get your “Ah-ha” moment soon enough.

I can”t tell you how many times I”ve heard people say “This particular thing going on is so hard” or “What just happened in my life is terrible…” and immediately afterwards I can read the look on their faces. It”s the same look, that”s why the word “look” was singluar. It”s that look of frustration and helplessness. That look of “Ya know what, I”m just done. I”m overwhelmed with this and I”m outa here. Checking out now. Do not pass Go. Do slotmachines not collect $200…just get outa my way.” But I”m here to tell ya, it happens for a reason as does everything in our lives, it”s just harder to see when you”re going through difficult times.

It”s like this…if you”re walking through the woods on a nice clear path and someone doesn”t want you to continue on that path, they throw a big fat log across it. What do you have to do if you want to get out of the woods? You go around the log. You leave the comfort of the known path and you venture into the greenery surrounding the path, only for a little bit though, until you can see the cleared path on the other side of the log…in which case you then get back on the path and keep walking. Right? Life is no different. Sometimes there are “logs” in our path. It”s in the going around the log that we learn the most valuable lessons in life about ourselves, our spouses, our kids…everything! We become someone we never would have had to become had that log not had been there. We CHANGE! We ADAPT! We are forced to think outside the box in order to get back on the path…which is ultimately everyone”s goal in life right? To get back on the path to where we are headed. Sometimes it”s not all about us. Sometimes we have to shut up and listen…listen to others, listen to God, listen to nature with no response at all. Just listen. That”s it. It”s simple…we are the ones who complicate things!

So the next time you come to a life-log, don”t curse it for being there. Embrace it and be thankful for the opportunity to become something better than you were just moments before you encountered it. Life is about choices. Only you can make the positive ones!

2 thoughts on “Why Bad Things Happen To Good People

  1. Holly

    Love this so much Teresa. Right now I feel like I have a Giant Sequoia in my way with Max deployed til next March. 🙂 You are so right though, we need to keep going, think outside the box(which I think is one of the reasons it’s soo hard when they are gone like this, I am SO out of my normal comfort zone). We do become stronger than we ever thought possible, we endure and we get through the hard times with our heads held high(sometimes with toothpicks holding our eyes open). God has always been so wonderful to me too because he always has people in my life willing and ready to help when we need help along the way. I feel so very blessed and looking at the Sequoia as just another tree to leap over in our military life journey.
    I will get up each day, ready to make the donuts with God’s grace, my awesome family and wonderful dear friends, we will get through it. 🙂

    1. Teresa Post author

      YES Holly! That’s EXACTLY what I’m talking about! Especially us military wives. We are expected to do and be everything and it so amazingly overwhelming! I don’t believe anyone can do what we do without the grace of God…and secretly, I think He does that on purpose. You know as well as I do how much easier a burden is to carry when you’ve got God’s grace to help. It’s the Footprints poem in action! All we have to do is ask! And nothing is ever too bad to get through although we think it is at the time because we’re blinded by the challenges! We’re small compared to life’s challenges; we can’t see past them…but God can and He knows what’s on the other side of that log waiting for us! You’re the best, girl! Keep that head up and remember you’re not alone! You’re a strong amazing woman! You’ll be just fine!

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