A Grateful Heart

I haven’t written in so long I feel like I have forgotten how to write! I feel like I’ve been through the War the last few weeks of my life, seriously. So much drama and upheaval…and I don’t handle drama well at all. Life has been so overwhelming…so where do I go from here? Well here are my options…

I could sit here and feel sorry for myself. That’s always an option. Probably not the best, most productive option…but an option none the less. I’ve done this before…for weeks. I’ve stayed in my jammies eating crap and drinking worse crap, moping around with my “woah is me” face on. It wasn’t pretty and then when I’m done not only do I feel worse but now I need a new weight loss program! So yeah, no thank you. Next?

My second option is usually where I end up when I have exhausted option 1 and have no more clean pajamas…and that is prayer. Just today I was opening up to my husband out of sheer exhaustion and said “Look…we can only do what we can do. We can only change what we can control. Everything else we need to just give to God and let Him do with it as He will.” Easier said than done, I know, BUT when we truly and honestly with a pure heart lay our troubles down at the Lord’s feet and walk away…then and only then can He truly know that we trust Him and His will for us fully and without fear. That is an amazingly difficult thing to ask a military man to do. But honestly in that particular moment when we were both feeling so overwhelmed with the weight of the world on our shoulders it was the only thing that could have possibly brought any kind of hope or relief. I am so grateful for my faith and for God’s faithfulness in my life…because no matter how difficult life may be I know I never, never have to go it alone!  😉

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