Healing Rain

Quick story I needed to share with you this morning.

The lesson is simple. When you lash out at the Lord, He most certainly will put you in your place.

Here’s what happened.

Life has been throwing me a few curve balls lately. Just when I think I’ve got things together, BAM something else comes up. We all experience these moments in life, right. When the crap just keeps rolling down hill and you’re the poor sucker at the bottom. Yeah, well today I had enough. I was fed up with the kids this morning for not doing their chores (and other teenage offenses) and let them have it. After they moped their sorry butts out the door to school, I decided it was time for me to go on a run and blow off some steam. I put my lanyard with my house key around my neck, grabbed my phone and headphones and set out.

While I’m on my run, I’m praying about everything that has been going on…prayers of thanksgiving for the good stuff, prayers of petition for the not so good stuff. All in all it’s a great run. I get home and go to pull out my house key and discover that somehow the knot in my lanyard had come untied and I had lost my key somewhere along my running route. Seriously? How does something like that happen? The first thing that crossed my mind was “Really God? Reeeeallly? I don’t have time for this crap!” Yep. Those were my exact words.

In retrospect, not one of my proudest moments.

So I start retracing my steps…walking back through my entire running route. As I’m walking, I’m watching this monster storm roll in. Thunder booming, dark clouds…the works. I start walking faster, still nothing. I get about half way through my route, the storm is about ready to open up on me, and this is what comes out of my face, “Ok God, I KNOW you know where this key is and I KNOW you can help me find it!” Insert the most angry, ungrateful tone of voice imaginable, a few eye rolls, arms flailing in frustration…and then I look down and this is what I see.


Yep. My key. Right in front of my face…next to a footprint in the sand.

BOOM. I was immediately in tears. “During your trials and testings when you saw only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you.”

Those words echoed through my head and stabbed me in the heart. I started asking for forgiveness for my ungrateful attitude. I started thanking God for all He has done and continues to do in my life daily. On my walk home, as the storm grew closer, the words to my “go to” song filled my head. When I’m feeling defeated, I listen to Michael W. Smith’s song Healing Rain. I started singing the song out loud and as I did the sky opened up…and the rain fell.


And I cried.

I cried for everything I am going through right now. I finally cried over the loss of my mother over 2 months ago. I cried to relieve stress. I cried because I was crying…if you know me well this last part will make perfect sense.

And then it was over. Just as quickly has it came, the rain was gone and I was home…at my front door holding my shiny house key, dripping wet and exhausted.

My big take-away from all of this is that as much as I think I can do it all, I simply can’t. None of us can. We have to make time for God in our lives and if we don’t…He will make sure we are left no other choice than to clear our schedules and have a little “parent teacher conference” of sorts.

I’m a writer, but I don’t believe I ever could have written a story as moving as the one I have just shared with you. God did that, I’m just relaying the message. I heard a quote in a movie I watched last night, “Sometimes you make choices and sometimes your choices make you.” Today I chose to lay it all at God’s feet and trust that He’s got my back.

I’m good with that choice.




12 thoughts on “Healing Rain

    1. Teresa Warner Post author

      Thank you Stephanie! Your words mean so much to me…one writer to another. Karen has shared your work with me as well. I’m a huge fan! Glad you could find some encouragement from my post. 🙂

  1. Kassy

    Yet again, my dear friend, you have spoken right to my heart as hit that proverbial nail right on the head. I’m so blessed to have you in my life!!

  2. Richa Badami

    What a beautiful post and it is so true. Thank you for sharing the insights that came to you through this experience. Such a moving post and so relatable.

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