I Am Indeed An Army Wife

If you are an Army Wife and you have a computer you know what this post is about. One thing I will not do is bash “Army Wife, Army Life” for her recent blog post. While I agree with not one single word of it, I as a seasoned Army Wife understand how our words and our actions directly impact our husbands and their careers. I will not negatively impact my husband’s career. She’s not worth it.

One point I would like to make though is that when it comes to being an Army Wife, or better yet, a military spouse in general, we are all supposed to be on the same team. We all, regardless of rank or branch, experience heartache and a sense of loss when our spouses deploy. We all have to wear many, many hats in their absence. We all have children to raise and careers to attend to and we all have to, many times, find the strength to do this completely on our own. My friend Holly, who’s husband has been deployed at least 3 times, wakes up during his deployments and says to herself “Time to make the donuts!” I love that. We are all called upon to serve our country as well, but in a much different capacity. It is our job as military spouses to make sure that bills get paid, children get fed and clothed, the lawn is taken care of, vehicles are maintained, care packages are sent, groceries are purchased and on and on so that our husbands can rest assured things are solid on the homefront and they can focus on their jobs. Because when our husbands go to work if they screw up people die. It’s as simple as that.

I don’t want to droll on and on here, I just want to bring the point home that when you’ve been an Army Wife as long as some of us have been (I’m going on 15 years) you learn that titles and ranks mean nothing to us spouses. You don’t wear your husband’s rank and what particular branch of the service your family is a part of is not important when it comes down to what is truly important: supporting one another. A Marine’s wife misses her husband just as much as a Sailor’s wife…just as much as an Army wife, Guard or Active Duty. We are human beings and our husbands are a part of an elite group of people who go out every day and do a job most Americans won’t. I don’t care if you’re officer of enlisted…we are family…all of us. ┬áThis is one lesson I am hoping Miss “Army Wife, Army Life” learns from this ordeal because one day she will find herself stationed out in the middle of nowhere and her husband will be deployed and she is going to need a support system…and I can tell you from experience, I’ve seen it with my own eyes, individuals with self-righteous attitudes like hers don’t last long in an FRG.

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4 thoughts on “I Am Indeed An Army Wife

  1. Christine Ellsworth

    You are one of the most AMAZING Army Wives I know!! I PROUDLY share the title with you! I almost want to follow her blog to watch her fall flat on her face once her husbands recruiting journey is over!!

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