I Got My Boots!

 You know when you are at that place in life where everything just seems to suck? You feel stuck, like when you were a little kid playing outside in the mud right after a good hard rain and your rubber boots got stuck in the mud as you were running. So there you are in your socks standing in the mud looking back at your boots wondering “Great, what do I do now?” Well I’ve been standing in my socks in the mud for quite some time. I have looked back at those boots for so long almost willing them to come to me, and the stupid things just sit there in the mud. I’m not going to get my boots back until I make a move towards them, right? Until I pull my feet out of the mud and physically move toward the boots, I’ll be looking like an idiot standing in her socks in the mud forever. Well guess what…I got my boots!

Here’s how it happened. I got to the point in my life where I had a list of things that were pissing me off…things about myself I didn’t like…things about my life I didn’t like. So like my favorite motivational speaker Walter Bond says..”.I had a pitty party. I put on the Lionel Richie and had myself a big old pitty party.” And when I finally realized that wasn’t going to change anything I made another list; this time it was a list of small things I was going to change in order to make the bigger changes happen. I love lists. It’s the only way I get anything done.

So one by one I start working on my list. I’m making phone calls and appointments, rearranging my schedule and my diet. I joined a gym…anyone who knows me knows I love to work out, I hate to work out in a gym…not anymore! I’m journaling and working through some mental crap and spending more time listening to my kids while we do chores together. I pray more. I take more time to just be still and treasure those in my life whom I know treasure me in return. I’ve had to make some tough decisions along the way…let go of some negatives while adding some positives…but it’s made all the difference in my life. 

So what is the biggest change I’ve made you ask? I’d have to say finally taking the time to take care of myself physically. I’ve had the opportunity to work with a local gym and be a part of their Biggest Loser competition. I knew I needed accountability in this area of my life, so I contacted my friend Sarah who runs the gym and she got me started. What an inspiring group of people! I have to get up at 4:10 every morning to make it to the gym for the 4:50 workout, but it has forced me to get my day going earlier and I am already seeing vast improvements after only a week and a half. I have more confidence, I’ve gotten out and gotten to speak to other women just like myself, and I’m finally reaching my health and fitness goals. I still use my daily AdvoCare products, which also help me keep my energy and metabolism up, so I feel like my fitness plan is more well-rounded now that I’m working out regularly.

I’ve learned a few things along the way as well. Nothing is impossible as long as you have the determination to see things through. If you don’t, find an accountability partner to help you. Think about a goal you’ve always wanted to achieve…right now, think about it. Now ask yourself “What’s holding me back?” If you find the answer to be “you”…then you’re ready to start your journey down the road to change. Change comes from within. It’s damn hard sometimes, but well worth it in the end. There are going to be many more changes in my life in the coming days and I plan on sharing them with you as I get back into writing more. What I want you to take away from this…from my experience…is not to give up on yourself. If there’s something you want then dag nabbit go out there and get it! It’s your choice…

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