Let’s Talk About the A-Word


Let’s talk about the a-word for a moment. Accountability. We’ve all gotten up on a Monday morning and felt somewhat ambitious…”Today is the day I am going to reach all of my goals! After all, it’s Monday. And we all know the only day you can start anything new is Monday!” ¬†Out comes the Post-It notes and colored pens, dry erase boards to chart your progress…you even update your Facebook status to let the world know “Hey out there! Today I am going to reach all of my goals!” And then comes Tuesday.

If you’re laughing right now or nodding your head in agreement, then you and I are in the same boat and this blog post is for YOU! You see, you may have the best intentions and even the desire to reach your goals, but without a firm plan that includes ways to keep you accountable you are doomed to fail.

I used to be horrible at accountability. Great at procrastination and excuses, horrible at accountability. Then I had a few people call me out on stuff that I was supposed to be accountable for and I felt like crap. I don’t like feeling like crap, or letting people down (including myself). I also know that if nothing changes, nothing changes. If I don’t do something to fix my accountability issue I’m never going to progress or grow. That brings me to this blog post.

I’m not a huge “depend on people” person. People tend to let me down. Computers, however, will nag the living crap out of you until you throw them across the room. That is the level of accountability I need. Today I am going to let you in on a few of the tools that I use to help keep me accountable in every aspect of my life. Are you ready? Let’s do this!

Work Assignments


There are a number of great apps out there for people to keep track of work assignments, I prefer Asana. Asana is great for so many reasons. You can invite team members and share task lists or have a project manager assign tasks to everyone. It gives everyone on the team visibility and also the means to communicate about projects all in one setting…no more fishing through emails or text messages to find info. Asana also sends you email reminders when you have tasks coming due or new messages. It’s so easy to use and it’s FREE! I won’t ever use anything else!

Health and Fitness

my fitness pal

Again, a million apps to choose from but I choose to use My Fitness Pal. I have used this app for years and love it so much! Once you go in and set up your profile, to include where you are now as well as where you would like to be, the app does everything else for you! There is a food diary where you can keep track of your caloric intake. Adding foods is as simple as scanning a bar code! I love this! You can keep track of your daily water intake as well. The exercise tab allows you to enter your exercise for the day and the app calculates the number of calories burned. The best part, you can join friends and they can help keep you accountable! You can leave messages for people to encourage them and see your friend’s progress as well. It’s a simple and fun way to keep track of everything in one place AND you can take your friends along on the journey with you! Oh, and again it’s FREE! A big plus if you’re me! (Look me up when you sign up here…my user name is babybeeker14!)

Kid’s Activities


You can’t go wrong with Google Calendar on this one. Again, a FREE app that does just about everything for you! You go in and enter events, pick up times…whatever your kids are up to that day, and then also set reminders. You can choose from email or text reminders…sometimes I use both just to be sure. I usually set a reminder for an hour before an event and then about 15 minutes as well just in case I get distracted. You can opt to see each individual day or a whole month at a time which I love because as you add events, Google Calendar blocks off the time so you can see when things overlap. That has saved my life more than once. I also love that I can share my calendar easily with my husband so only one of us has to keep track of everything but we both know what’s going on. It only takes a few minutes to keep our entire huge family organized and I have yet to leave a child somewhere because I forgot to pick them up! Score one for Mom!

I hope you get a chance to check a few of these awesome sites out if you don’t already use them. They make my life so much easier to manage…and anything that makes my life easier I am more than willing to share with you guys! I’d love to hear what apps and sites you use to keep your life organized and help keep you accountable for everything in your busy lives! Feel free to drop some knowledge in the comments below!

Thanks for stopping by and remember…accountability is the key to reaching your goals! ¬†Nothing is impossible, we just need to have a solid plan and stick to it!



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