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The Life Lesson That Hurricane Harvey Has Taught Us

It’s currently 12:32 a.m. By all accounts, I should be in bed. I have 5 teens/preteens to get up and out the door in roughly 5 hours. Why, then, am I writing a blog post? Well, when the spirit strikes you listen…that’s what writers do.

I’ll make this one short and sweet because, despite what the spirit may think, I’m darn tired.

Let’s talk about Hurricane Harvey for a moment, shall we? My husband spent over 2 years in Texas on a mission with his National Guard unit, specifically in the Austin area. Texas was like a second home to him, and we have many friends who are still in the area now struggling due to the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. This area holds a special place in our hearts for lots of different reasons…it’s difficult to watch the destruction and devastation on the news…the loss of life and those who have no place to go to escape the rising waters.

It’s at times like these when some question their faith. They ask, “Why does God let these things happen? What did we do to deserve this?” Believe me, I’ve been in that place as well. But I’d like to share what I believe we can all take away from this experience as well as others like it. Stay with me for a bit…I promise it will make sense in the end.

So our country right now is a mess, right? I mean we have this group fighting that group. We have some believing they are better or more important than others; choosing to take each other’s lives to prove it. We have name calling and bickering. We have just about everyone pointing fingers and playing the blame game over everything that is less than perfect in our country right now.  All sides…all viewpoints…everyone…divided, fighting, angry. Some would argue we are in complete upheaval…even headed for the next civil war! Yep, I’ve heard that said a time or two.

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Take a deep breath…in…and out…now consider this for just a second. God is up there in the great Heavens watching us act a fool down here fighting and arguing with one another over silly things…just not “getting it” maybe in His eyes. See, we were ALL created in His image and likeness. We were ALL created for greatness. He loves us ALL abundantly and unconditionally. We are the ones making all of this difficult with our arrogance and our righteous attitudes. Really, it’s all very, very simple…life itself is all very simple and He has told us as much. “Love one another as I have loved you.” Boom. Done. There just are no more words. We are the ones who complicate things.

So back to Houston. Let me share with you a few posts from my personal Facebook feed.

*If you want to help some Houston folks directly, our VP is collecting for our team members based in Houston.

*Please watch and help give some relief to those who are suffering in Houston! View comments below to see how you can donate and make a difference!

*This is just so devastating! We need continued prayers for Houston.

* Every act of help and support matters…what a privilege to “make a difference!”

Let me point out what we DIDN’T see in these posts. We didn’t see race mentioned, we didn’t see religion mentioned, we didn’t see country of origin mentioned, we didn’t see political party affiliation mentioned. Did we? Nope, sure didn’t. What we did see was people coming together to support one another…unconditionally. Regardless of anything I previously mentioned, I am seeing people coming together to help their fellow Americans in their time of need. I am seeing unconditional love and support for those whose lives have been devastated by a natural disaster they did not choose nor could they control.

As difficult as this is to watch unfold, friends, I have to say we are the ones to blame. I believe in my heart of hearts that God allows these things to happen in order for us to wake up to what is truly important in life….and that is EACH OTHER! PEOPLE! Not things and stuff, not skin color or political agenda…PEOPLE!  We are called upon to take care of one another and we get so caught up in the nonsense of this world that we forget to be kind. We forget to love one another.  And I don’t know about you but I’m tired of it all.

So as horrible as this disaster is, let’s try our best to bring something positive out of it. Let’s set aside our differences and realize that we are all in this thing together. Let’s help the citizens of Houston and the surrounding areas get back on their feet and show them that we’ve got their backs. But most of all, let’s remember this valuable lesson and not wait for another natural disaster to open our damn eyes and see that each and every person deserves to be loved and cared for compassionately without judgment. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. What will your choice be?

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