Life With Balance
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Life With Balance

Life With Balance


As a working mom, I often times find that my biggest struggle lies in finding a good balance in my life. I am a “people pleaser”, so it is important to me to make sure my clients are happy, my children eat home cooked meals and have help with their homework, and that my house is somewhat in order. With so many thing on my plate these days, I find myself in a juggling act of sorts…and I’m on the losing end! Something always suffers. If I put more time towards work, then I don’t get a workout in and most likely make poor food choices. If I take time for family, I feel guilty that my work isn’t getting done. It’s a vicious circle. I’m sure many of you are shaking your heads right now in agreement.

With this weighing so heavily on my heart, I started taking time to read my Bible first thing in the morning. I don’t have a set scheduled list of passages for certain days…no, I prefer to just take a deep breath and open my Bible up and read whatever is in front of me. More times than not, the good Lord takes me to exactly what I need to read to ease my mind. Today was no exception.

Today’s 1 minute meditation topic was Life With Balance. It was based on Isiah 40: 21-31. The passage reads as follows:

“Some women have the gift of serving others, and they serve until they can’t stand up anymore. You might be one of these women. You think, ‘I don’t have time to rest, and I really don’t have time to be sick.’ But let’s face it: sometimes our human bodies wear out. We get sick or just plain tired. That’s when we can ask for help from the One who is the source of healing and strength. Jesus is still in the miracles business. Ask him to heal you body, mind and spirit. And keep in mind that there’s nothing wrong with finding the healthy balance by meeting your own needs so you can continue to meet the needs of others.”

This spoke volumes to me, especially with how overwhelmed I have been feeling lately. So today, after the kids went to school and I finished my meditation for the morning, I went back to bed for an hour. I woke up feeling terrible and you know what, that hour of rest did me a world of good. Maybe God does know what he’s talking about after all! 🙂

What are some things that you enjoy doing for yourself…little things that give you the rest and regrouping time you need to pick yourself up and keep going? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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