Sunday Night…

Just a quick post tonight. I have a ton of things running through my head right now and I have to get them out or I won”t be able to sleep. Usually this is when I would go to my journal, but I”m thinking maybe someone can benefit from these thoughts so I”ll share them with y”all!

I am always amazed when things happen in my life that are unexpected. Today I went to church with a lot weighing on my mind…kids going back to school, another year older and more mature; my husband going away on yet another mission, working his proverbial butt off for this family non-stop; our finances…heck, everyone”s finances in this day and age of such uncertainty; all of the recent deaths of our soldiers in Afghanistan and the pain and sorrow their families are facing right now…I took all of that to church today and I did as I have been taught to do. I laid my burdens down at Jesus” feet and simply said during the Consecration “Jesus, help me.” I say that prayer so many times a day it becomes odd when I”m not saying it! Today it had an extra-special meaning.

Church is the only place in the world where I can go and just truly let go. I cry a lot in church. People must think I am depressed or something online casino but I cry easily when I”m moved by things I see or hear. Today in church as I was praying, I literally felt lighter after I had asked for help. My problems and concerns didn”t magically disappear, but I knew I had help and that things were going to be okay.

I am grateful for so much in my life. I have so much to be grateful for. We all have burdens and concerns, especially with the state of the world today. I just want y”all to know that you”re never alone. You don”t have to carry these burdens on your shoulders all by yourself. All you have to do is ask for help. A simple “Jesus, help me.” and He”s there with open arms waiting for you. You don”t have to be ultra-religious or say the “perfect prayer” as if there is such a thing. All He wants you to do is come to Him, embrace Him…it”s the easiest and most awesome thing you can ever do for yourself. Try it! I did!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Night…

  1. Dawn

    Ah Tess, you know just what to say don’t ya? I have so much going on in my head too… so many thoughts and feelings… I need to remember to take a moment and turn to GOD… When I do, I feel like you said, not like my problems disappear, just that I feel lighter, like someone is helping me carry the heavy load… Thank you so much for reminding me to take time for GOD… to turn to him with not only my needs, but also my thanks…

    You are an amazing caring woman!!! Keep blogging…. you hit home so many times with your thoughts…. Love you!! BFF!!!

    1. Teresa Post author

      Aw Dawn! Thanks girl! I’m really glad I chose to post that entry rather than just journal it privately. I’m not super good at sharing the really personal stuff (a girl’s gotta have some secrets, right?) but that post I felt really strongly about. I’m glad it helped you. Everyone needs a little reminder once in a while that we’re not expected to do this alone! I just read a quote the other day that said something like “Jesus never said it would be easy, but He said it would be worth it.” I love that! We just need to keep picking ourselves up, brushing off the dust, and moving forward. A wise priest told me that once…thanks Father Francis! Love you too, BFF!!!

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