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The Good Things…and So Much More

Oh my goodness, what a heck of a day it’s been! Work has been kicking my rumpus lately…but in a good way. When you start a business with just an idea and a lot of “we really need money right now so you had better make this work” there is a lot of time being put in that you’re not exactly being paid for.  My husband hates that part, but it is what it is. I have to say, when I started my job I really didn’t enjoy what I was doing. I was more of the “working for the paycheck” kinda gal.  Now that I have a number of really good clients that I have gotten to know personally as well as professionally I can feel things growing and expanding…my business being one of them. I’m so grateful to my friends and co-workers who so lovingly answer my most ignorant questions, as I’m still in the learning phase of it all.  I told my husband today on the phone that I had a good day at work today because, and I quote, “most days I feel like the ass-end of a monkey.”  He must have laughed for about 10 minutes about that, and my husband isn’t a laugher.  Glad I could provide some much needed entertainment.

There is a point to my ramblings…I’m getting to it in a round-about way.  I’d like to start by introducing you to my dear friend Holly.  Holly and I have been friends since junior high. We were never best friends back then…more like acquaintances.  We liked each other but just didn’t have any classes together or whatnot. Well here we are, years have passed, and I first log into Facebook and guess who friends me? Holly! We get to talking and come to find that we are very much living the same exact lives! She is an Army wife as well…has 5 children of her own (I have 7)…we’re facing all the same hardships and everything…so much to share! Holly and I have become like sisters through the years.

Holly’s husband is deployed again. Bless his heart, her husband is 100% American soldier through and through and God love him for it! See, when you’re a soldier’s wife you’re called upon to be a different breed of woman…one the world doesn’t often see…but we’re out there!  Holly is of course missing her husband terribly as are the kids. The burden placed on this family is just astounding.  I see on my Facebook page that Holly has a new blog post up, so I of course go to read it.  Her words are amazing.  “When I am sitting here feeling so overwhelmed and wanting to pull my hair out because the kids are fighting AGAIN and I just want a few moments of peace & quiet I think about how he  would give anything to see the kids right then.” she says.  There is so much more I could quote…her words just moved me to no end. But it was this last paragraph that did me in…really had me running for the tissues because I have been there too. She writes: “In some ways I think we are lucky, we have been married 13 years now and I still get the chance to feel butterflies, you know the feelings you have when you are in a new relationship? I feel giddy inside when I hear from him, I feel excited and my heart pounds when I see the chat button lighting up. I get all nervous /shy and excited like a child at Christmas when it’s time for his homecoming. I get love letters again(well snippets of love letters, lol), but really how lucky am I that I can have that all over again?? See absence does make the heart grow fonder. :)” Wipe your eyes and then we’ll continue…good? Ok, where was I? Oh, see…It’s times like this, when I see people who are in much more trying situations than I am presently in, digging deep to really find something positive in a super-crappy situation that make me take a step back and reevaluate my life.  If Holly can be this strong, so strong that she can find something so positive in such a difficult situation, then surely I can get through the laundry and dishes!  She reminds me every day with her Facebook posts that we need to focus on the good things in life.  That even though something may seem like a curse it may very well be a blessing in disguise.  That something, even the least little something good, can be garnered from something that pains us.  It reminds me of the births of my children and how so incredibly difficult and painful each birth was…but how amazing it was to hold that baby in my arms afterward!

Let’s all take a note from Holly’s play book and take today to find the positives in life. Even if you can only find one, one is more than none. Hold onto that one with all you’ve got and it’ll take you far!  And to you…Holly…know that you not only inspire me with your words but you inspire me every day with the example of the God-centered life you and your husband lead and the example you set for your beautiful children.  Rock on, sistah!

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  • Holly

    Thank you so much Teresa, I am so glad we got back in touch. We do have so much in common and you are my soul sister! 🙂 I appreciate these words more than you could ever means so much to me. Thank you my dear friend! Thank you so much!

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