The Older I Get, The Younger I Get

I have to admit, having 7 children takes it’s toll on a woman. When they were younger, (my oldest was 7 and my youngest was a newborn) I was exhausted. Emily was a second grader discovering new things at every turn…and of course wanting to share them all with me…while Nathan was a newborn who also needed me for absolutely everything. Oh, and then there were the other five children that fell between those two…each and every one of them needing something different every moment of every second of every day…AND I LOVED IT! I got to read books to one and color with another; I got to rock Nathan as I nursed him and then play cards with the older kids while the younger ones napped. It was great…but exhausting!

Now that the kids are older and much more independent (thank the good Lord!) I am still exhausted…but for different reasons. Now there are stories the kids have written that they insist I edit with red pen so they can rewrite them. There are cookie and muffin recipes just waiting to be tested. There are “the coolest shows ever” that I just have to see, OMGee! There are famous boys making my daughter’s hearts flutter and new Lego sets doing the same for my boys…thank goodness they haven’t discovered girls yet!  😉  There is football practice and band practice. Soon there will be chorus rehearsals and tae kwan do practices…so much to do and so little time and absolutely ALL of it of the utmost importance. This equals exhaustion.


The more I look back on my life with these adorable blessings the more I realize that the older I get, the younger I get. Yes, I still get gray hair and wrinkles but when my daughter blasts her new favorite song on her iPod for all of us to hear…I find myself dancing like a fool…just like the rest of the fools in this house. When I bake cookies with Annabelle…we both catch ourselves eating the dough. I love nothing more than to blow bubbles outside with my sweet Natalie or draw with sidewalk chalk with Nathan and invent the next new villain for his Fox Boy comics. I love sneaking up on my big boys and attacking them with either an ice cold squirt gun or the tickle party that doesn’t end until someone is hyperventilating or has to pee! And when Joanie has a new “dance” move (and I use that word very loosely!) we all stop what we’re doing to check it out…and then try it ourselves when no one is looking.

My kids make me see the joy and the beauty in life…to put away the seriousness and formality of being an adult and just, for one brief second, be a kid again. In Tom’s last care package the kids and I sent him some coloring books and fat crayons. I asked him how his coloring was coming along and he said he was enjoying filling his book. Nice to know a little bit of “kid” goes a long way! Go on…buy yourself a coloring book and some fat crayons…you know you want to!  😀

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